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Do You Like Black Coffee? Maybe You're A Psychopath!


The way that you drink your coffee can tell a lot about you, including your propensity to be a psychopath! According to a scientific research, people who prefer strong and black coffee are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. Is it your case?

If you do like black coffee, don't worry so fast. First, it's better understand how the study was made. After examining the taste preferences of 500 people, researchers from University of Innsbruck, in Austria, could conclude that people who prefer bitter than sweet flavors are more likely to show signs of psychopathy, narcissism and sadism.

During the study, participants had to estimate how much they like sweet, sour, salty or bitter food and drinks. After that, the results were compared with four different types of character tests.

Such tests analyzed some specific features, as the level of aggressiveness of each person; how manipulative they can be; the five main personality characteristics - extroversion, agreeableness, consciousness, neuroticism and openness; and how much the participants enjoyed seeing other people in pain.

To the scientists, the way that you have your coffee can be directly linked to how much you appreciate bitter flavors. And the study found a significant relation between anti-social people and those who liked bitter flavors - specially tastes like beer, tonic water, and of course black coffee.

In the other hand, the more sugar or milk you put in your coffee indicates that your preference is for sweeter tastes, what can be linked to tendencies of being more kind, friendly and cooperative. Furthermore, another study also showed that those who prefer sweet flavors are more emotional and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Science goes even further: other research found that people who like spicy foods and caffeinated beverages are more likely seek intense sensations. But it is always important to remember that our taste preferences are influenced by our personal experiences, memories and culture. So, what you consider bitter or sour can be mild and sweet for a friend.

Now you know: next time you have a first romantic date, the best thing is to take your lucky candidate to a café. It's the perfect way to discover if you are safe or if you gonna have a lot of problems in the future!

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