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Drinking Coffee Daily Can Make You Live Longer!

Daily Coffee

If you have a daily coffee habit and always thought that this was a bad thing, science now will disagree with you! A new study concluded those cups may help boost your longevity.

Walter Willett, a nutrition researcher of the Harvard School of Public Health explains: "In our study, we found that people who drank three to five cups of coffee per day had about a 15% lower risk of premature mortality compared to people who didn't drink coffee.” Great news, right?

Those who like decaffeinated coffee don't need to worry, though. According to the researcher, they noticed very simliar benefits from coffee with or without caffeine, which suggests that the caffine component is not the responsible one for the advantages.

During an interview to NPR (that you can fully read here), Walter Willett explained that he is still not sure exactly how coffee is linked to all these benefits, but his guess is that the many different nutrients and phytochemicals contained in the coffee beans work together to give some of the benefits.

Another important thing: a decreased risk of death was not noticed among the coffee drinkers who were smokers! Willett highlights that “it's extremely important to disentangle the effects of coffee from the effects of cigarette smoking.”

Even if you don't smoke, don't celebrate too soon…

Another scientist analyzed the benefits documented in this study and didn't found them as strong because not everyone reacts to coffee in the same way. According to Andrew Maynard, from Arizona State University, the research doesn't prove the exact correlation between drinking coffee and living longer. "There are a lot of unknowns as to what [may explain] the increase in life expectancy," he says.

As with many other substances, the secret is always having a sparingly consumption of them.

And remember: caffeine amounts in coffee vary wildly. Scientists have already found that one 16-ounce cup of coffee from the famous Starbucks could have anywhere from 250 mg to more than 500 mg of caffeine. So be careful with the type of coffee you consume regularly!

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