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20 Coffee Memes That Will Solidify Your Obsession with Coffee

coffee meme

You could say I have a coffee obsession. Here's the thing; these days coffee memes help me get a fix when I've reached my daily limit of actual coffee. Not only that — Sometimes we can say things in a meme that we couldn't say otherwise. Have you ever had to go to a morning meeting without that first cup of coffee? It's torture! If you're anything like me, it's almost hard to hear anyone speak before that caffeine is flowing through your veins. Here's the thing: There are coffee memes for all those feelings, and little quirks that we coffee obsessed possess.


1. We all feel it, but the coffee memes say it

Seriously, who can't relate to this sentiment first thing in the morning? Please let me have a cup of coffee first.

Coffee Meme by Star Trek lady

2. Sometimes desperation sets in and only coffee will help

No kidding. Much like this poor little kitty, we have those moments when we feel as if we might lose it altogether. But unlike our feline friend, we have coffee to save us.

Coffee Meme with wet cat

3. A Monday coffee meme serves as a to-do list

Sometimes the only thing you can think about on Monday morning is getting that first cup of coffee into your tired body. Then you can tackle the real to-do list.

Coffee Meme about Mondays

4. We don't advocate violence; we just want coffee

This coffee meme points out that we sometimes feel like a murderous bear without our coffee. Solution? Just give me the COFFEE.

Coffee Meme with Polar Bear

5. I mean, yeah

You're not always happy to get someone's unsolicited opinion, but a coffee you didn't ask for, now that's another thing altogether.

Coffee Meme with Clint Eastwood

6. A coffee meme points out the obvious, and it's okay

Because adulting is hard, that's why we need plenty of coffee.

Coffee Meme about Adulting

7. No crying, ever

Never let them see you cry; it's a sign of weakness.

Coffee Meme Featuring the Munsters

8. Take the long road; there's coffee

Drink coffee, be successful. Really, there's no other way!

Coffee meme with coffee bean river

9. Never a day without coffee

Going without coffee for a day sounds dangerous. Stay safe. Drink coffee.

A day without coffee meme

10. One cup is all you need

Now, this is the size of a coffee cup for me. I could easily cut back to a cup a day.

extra extra extra large coffee

11. I admit it; I'm a coffee addict

What true-blue coffee drinker doesn't welcome the feeling as that wonderful dark substance courses through their veins.

Coffee Meme with Star Wars

12. I've never been one to trust

It's hard to imagine how anyone could face the day without the aid of coffee. There must be something about them I don't understand.

1950s coffee meme

13. How to win my heart

It's simple, really; use coffee.

ways to win my heart with coffee

14. Oprah says so

It's like a dream come true, Oprah announcing that everyone gets coffee. What more do you need?

Oprah and coffee meme

15. Not kidding

Without coffee, I am this squirrel.

squirrel coffee meme

16. But sometimes it's worse than others

Coffee is the answer to a crabby mood. It helps filter out the urge to do something you'll regret.

I drink coffee for your protection

17. Start every day new

That first satisfying taste of coffee in the morning is a little slice of heaven.

yoda coffee meme

18. Of course, there are two sides to every coin

Admittedly, sometimes the darkness is what you need.

hello darkness my old friend, a coffee

19. Stimulating you to wake up and go for it

If there's anything that'll jump start the brain into action, it's that first cup of coffee of the day.

happy coffee cartoon

20. May coffee keep you strong

Remember friends, no matter what life throws at you, there's always coffee!

Coffee string and Monday's short

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