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Bolivia Carnavari Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

The coffee that everyone is raving about, Bolivia Carnavari coffee is grown and produced in the Latin American country of Bolivia. The coffee growing region is centered around the capital city of La Paz, which is mountainous region known as the Andes. Grown in the tropical areas, it produces a small amount of beans compared to the rest of the world, but they are no less valuable in quality and flavor.  

Fair Trade and organically grown, the bean produces a sweet toned and soft aroma that has hints of chocolate and sweetness in each sip. Low acidity lends to a coffee that is easy to drink throughout the day without damage to the stomach.      

Order a bag today and taste the flavors of Latin America with every sip!

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Tom Martin
A very pleasant experience! I liked the sweet aroma and the hint of cocoa flavor.
Mariana Smidt  
You won't regret this buy. Very smooth, easy drinking, but not lacking in flavor in the slightest. If you like knock-your-socks off strong, dark coffee, this isn't for you. But if you want a full-flavored, smooth roast, you won't regret this buy.
Karan Rumore  
So love this one Its sweetness and like-chocolate taste makes me feel more inspired to finish all my daily basis tasks. Thanks to the manufacturer of this coffee. So love it.

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