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Brazil Bourbon Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores. 

Bourbon and coffee, what could be more interesting! Brazil doesn’t disappoint with their Brazil Bourbon coffee. Grown in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil in South America, at lower elevations of the Andes mountains, this bean produces smooth, mild flavors that are described as sweet and nutty.        

Though the name evokes the thoughts of the dark liquor, the beans have nothing to do with the it. It is named after the descendants of those that brought the coffee to the island, originally from the island of Reunion, which is formally known as Bourbon. Planted first in 1708, the growing and processing hasn’t changed much.        

Try a taste of history with this bean that won’t disappoint!

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Miesha Sweigart  
It's good! Pricey, but you get what you pay for! This is the coffee you serve discriminating guests. Need to re-seal package to keep as fresh as possible, cups are mesh on sides & bottom.
Olene Kraushaar  
Taste and aroma is so much indulging... This is the coffee that my grandpa want to drink every morning. He always want me to serve him this only kind of coffee because of its nutty flavor. Whenever I serve him this one, he always tell me to take a sip of it. There is one time that I tried his request and when I did it, I almost drink all of it. I was really indulge with its sweet aroma and taste. That’s why, this time, my coffee is this one already.

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