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Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Coffee, coffee, Viper Coffee, Viper Coffee

Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

Peaberry coffee is distinctly known because of having one bean instead of the normal two. This produces a much stronger bean that allows for a more pronounced flavor.    

Grown only in the Northwest Province in Cameroon, this coffee offers you a rich, dark flavor with a scent that pulls you into its luscious fold. Sourced from local growers who target locations above the 5,000 foot elevation, these beans are carefully grown and cared for to provide you with the best product possible. The volcanic soil our producers have picked ensures a bean that gives the perfect aromatic and full flavor you desire.        

This micro farm is run by a family, dedicated and farming the land for over 100 years. They do not source any of their work outside the area, and thus, this gives them knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.      

All roasting is done at the same facility in the roasting sheds, where men and women come together in the heat to turn the natural beans into the addictive drink we love. The scent is a mixture of natural earth and coffee. The heat is kept at a specific temperature to ensure optimum roasting, and the beans are turned regularly to make sure they are evenly done.      

The result of all this work is an amazing product that is not just a drink, it is an experience that you can have every morning.

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Winford Wallington
Smooth It is a very smooth and rich coffee, easy to drink with no bitterness. I have a prime acct, so it was delivered in 2 days and the beans smelled extremely fresh when I opened the bag.
Mike Yokoyama  
Not a waste of money. My best friend was the first person who introduces me this coffee. At first, I doubt that my money that will be used to buy this one might get waste only. But, when I tasted a cup of this coffee during my visit to her, my doubt fades easily. I then told her to buy another one for me.

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