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Colombian Supremo Coffee, coffee, Viper Coffee, Viper Coffee

Colombian Supremo Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

The highest grade of Columbian coffee beans! This is the one that people try to copy when they say 100% beans. The beans are grown in the country of Columbia, in high altitude areas that provide an amazing nutrient rich soil. The beans are slow-roasted to bring out the most amazing, full flavor.      

Evoking the traditional “coffee smell”, this bean gives everything you imagine when you dream of fine produced coffee. The flavor is medium bodied and often described as sweet tasting with a very rich, almost chocolatey flavor and aroma. The flavors pop on the tongue, containing 345 elements to tantalize your taste buds.        

Taste the flavor that you’ve always dreamed of today!

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Lavina Pokorny  
Makes me alive. Like it especially fdoing work overnight. My favorite coffee. I very like its strong taste. It makes me alive. This is the one I always drink whenever I will do work overnight because it keeps me high and productive.
Dianne Selton
Wow, Now I'm Awake! Columbian Supremo really did it for me. I love the strong, bold flavor!
Tobie Bjelland  
Great job! People have called me a coffee snob as I've even traveled to several Central American countries to pick out my own beans. But I have to admit that this may have just become my all time favorite.

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