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Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee, coffee, Viper Coffee, Viper Coffee

Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores. 

Coming from classic origins on lands that have been farmed for decades, these beans are very respected in the coffee world. Grown at the higher altitudes of 4,000 feet or above, the Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee is romantic, balanced and clean tasting. The flavors are bold, great with a dark roast, and simple. Perfect for the new coffee taster who wants to branch out a little.      

The beans are wet-processed, then hand dried to develop the flavor and aroma profile that makes it perfect for use in many different coffee drinks because it doesn’t overpower flavorings that might be added. Our growers work in a cooperative processing facility where many different farms come together to work. This creates a unique opportunity for blending of the beans from different farms.        

If you are looking to replicate those famous coffee house drinks, this is the bean for you!

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Tod Settles
It has an unforgettable taste and aroma. It has an unforgettable taste and aroma. Because, every time my mom prepare her coffee, I easily recognize it - it's the Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaff coffee; my favorite one.

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