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Dominica Republic Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

This Dominican Republic coffee is Rain Forest Certified and organically grown on farms in the mountain range that runs down the center of the island. The farms are located on the slopes, creating a great environment for a hydrated and nutrient rich soil. Our farmers process them using the wet and dry methods, allowing for a different mix of beans.        

The flavors and aromas are soft and mellow, not bold like some other beans. Perfect for someone who drinks coffee throughout the day. The acidity is low, allowing the flavor to develop on the tongue and not overpower any flavors you might add. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this amazing bean today!

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Janel Poling  
Indeed good for people having hyper acidity! Dominica Republic coffee is indeed good for people having hyper acidity because it has only a low acid content. Best for stomach always looking for a coffee drink through out the day.
Elmer Bernhard  
I love this coffee Oh My! I love this coffee. I original had this coffee at our local coffee shop but they only carry it seasonally, which would always put me into a bad mood.
Thomas R.
I'm a coffee drinker, and I love the coffee you produce! Keep up the good work! -Reidun

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