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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

Providing a flavorful coffee unlike anything you’ve ever known, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has hints of citrus and floral notes. Grown in southern Ethiopia, this coffee is a rare find for the well-tasted connoisseur of coffee. This area is often considered the birth place of coffee and where the first farms learned how to process it into the drink we love today.    

The flavor isn’t overpowering, rather light, with a fully body that gives off flavors that are indicative of the soil and plants that grow around it. Grown at high elevations above 5,000 feet, this coffee is lovingly tended and then processed with care by hand on a mico-farm. There are two different processes, wet and dry, that provide different levels of roasting to give the desired flavor result.      

Even if you aren’t a world traveler, be transported to Arabia with this coffee today.

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Ericka Canchola
Loved it! For my brewing experience I used a traditional drip coffee maker. Because I prefer a robust and hearty coffee I used a two more tablespoons of grounds than required or suggested. However the result was nothing less that coffee bliss. The initial texture on the tongue is velvet and smooth. The flavor is light but complex with subtle hints of chocolate and toffee. There is little bitter flavor on the end.
Arlie Eddings  
Best morning partner indeed! I never forget to drink a mug of this coffee every morning because of its pleasing aroma that at peace my thoughts. Best for morning partner indeed!

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