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Guatemala Peaberry Decaf Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores. 

Peaberry coffee is distinctly known because of having one bean instead of the normal two. This produces a much stronger bean that allows for a more pronounced flavor. Well known in a certain famous coffee shop that starts with an S, this blend of coffee is processed on 100-year-old farms that use nutrient rich volcanic soil that provides a bean that is unmatched. The flavor is rich, multidimensional and bold. The acidity is high, giving the bean a full bodied flavor that is best in a light to medium roast.      

The beans are wet-processed, washed and cleaned high on the slopes of the mountains of Guatemala. Ample rainfall and elevations reaching 4,600 feet make this the perfect place to cultivate the coffee bean. Antigua is often considered the #1 Guatemalan coffee. At times the spices of the surrounding farms comes through in the bean, creating a fun and unexpected taste.      

Try a cup of the unexpected today!

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Kraig Tippetts  
My day is great with this coffee This coffee is my favorite drink. My day would be worst without this. Since this coffee stimulates my brain and let me think well. Thanks to this.

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