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Kenya AA Coffee, coffee, Viper Coffee, Viper Coffee

Kenya AA Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

Given the highest marks in the coffee industry, the Kenya AA bean is known for its size, shape and density. The flavor is sharp, with winey notes and levels of fruitiness that continue as you savor it across your tongue. Grown only in the rich volcanic soil at high elevations, our sources are from small production farms, passed down from generation to generation in families that inhabited the region for centuries.      

The color is dark, darker than most might be used to, it is perfect for those looking for an espresso or an especially potent blend. The berry overtones give it a unique flavor, hard to find in other areas of the world.      

Take a leap and taste something you won’t be able to turn away from!

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Merlin Mennella
Great tase! I purchased this looking for a decent coffee for the office to buy in bulk as we go through lots of coffee. However I also have several coffee... snobs... they are self proclaimed coffee snobs. So I wanted something that would both be good to their taste buds while gentle to their wallets. I was hoping for a decent showing with this brand and variety.
Angelo Mccallion  
Amazing! So like it! This Kenya AA ViperCoffee is my favorite one because it is good smell - a fresh coffee beans. Like this one much. I will buy more stock next day for sure.

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