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Papau New Guinea Coffee



This premium coffee can only be bought online & cannot be found in stores.

Sourced from local, small production growers, on the island of Papua New Guinea, this selection of beans provides the perfect taste of what Indonesia can produce. The hints of chocolate, cherry and vanilla are subtle, but welcome. The beans are wet processed, versus dry roasted, and are handled in the traditional methods that date back hundreds of years.      

Certified organically grown, the farm hands rise early to pick the beans when they are ripest, and process them throughout the day, in the hot, arid region. The taste is clean, low-key, vibrant and luxuriously deep, perfect for espressos. The chocolate finish gives off a sweet vibe that is perfect for those who like less acidic tasting coffee.      

Don’t miss the opportunity to try this fantastic bean today!

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Kylie Spero  
Good! Perhaps it's my aging tongue...or maybe the problems with the climate. Whatever! I haven't had a really good cup of coffee for several years... until I brewed a pot of these beans.
Sidney Fruge
A good espresso latte I thought I would give this Papau New Guinea coffee a try as it presents totally good value. So, I really give it a try and it is absolutely strong and it also has a strong but bitter after taste. However, it makes a good espresso latte.
Shirley Sheckle
Favorite This is by far, my favorite coffee flavor out of this selection. Its so natural you can taste the herbs. I love having a trusted flavor that I know wont let me down everymorning. I tried death wish coffee last year, but it was too fake, i could ltaste the chemicals. viper coffee truly overreached my expectations. great job.

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